Get to know the Founder.

Founded in March of 2014 by Andréa Hudson (Drea)

Booger Money set out to achieve one goal-Connect the dots.

Mission: Become a preferred service provider to clients through the ideation, development and execution of  unprecedented marketing campaigns. Find the dots, connect the dots, follow the vision.

Vision: Cultivate an environment that allows people to leverage their creativity to connect to their communities in an authentic way.  Always do better than the day before.


Anthony Lazzarri/Hates pictures loves music. 

What the ef is Booger Money?:

A marketing consultancy connecting the dots between brands and their communities. We specialize in music and lifestyle campaigns.

What's with the name?

Drea and Anthony Lazarri, who is our primary Director of Curation, were having yet another conversation about world domination through music.

They decided that they wanted to curate and produce multi-genre shows in Boston to bring different types of people together to discover that they had something in common when it comes to music. They spent weeks, walking around the cobblestoned streets of Boston, drinking Mohr and McPherson coffee, trying to come up with a name for what they would call themselves as they curated events.  After exhaustive conversations and multiple iterations of who they thought they would be...

Drea said:  "Honestly, I just want to make so much money that I could blow my nose with it.  I want, Booger Money..."  

Anthony chuckled and responded: "That's it, that's the name. Booger Money."  


The Booger Money team consists of independent contributors who specialize in different areas, which make them more agile than ever.  It's an ever changing group of people who are experts in their industries and want to create change for the best when it comes to marketing.  Though Booger Money specializes in music marketing strategies, they are always open to working with clients who are willing to push the boundaries of what most companies would consider "traditional" marketing strategies. 

high five:

What keeps Booger Money ahead of the curve is making sure that we're always shaking a hand, giving a hug or tossing up a high five to introduce ourselves. Each member of the team has deep passion for what they do and a unique way of connecting with different communities. Particularly, Booger Money works with local and national partners to provide their clients with the best possible experience.  Sound of Boston, is one of our primary go to partners and gives us insight on the pulse of our city in relation to emerging musicians for all genres.