Written by: Cassandre Joseph

The best way to start off your weekend is of course with dope music, great people, deep conversations, and creativity flowing endlessly. That’s exactly what we at Booger Money got to experience as a Sponsor of the  24 in 24 event, this past saturday at the Bridge Sound and Stage recording studio located in Cambridge, MA.

Photo by: @niklasweikert  Sam, Founder of LFOD

Photo by: @niklasweikert  Sam, Founder of LFOD



For 24 hours, 24 local Hip-hop and Rap artists recorded 24 songs.


Yep, it happened.

Photo by: @niklasweikert

Photo by: @niklasweikert

There was an incredible line up of dope local artists, you can check the list  below for the complete line up:


11:00am - Parnom                                                            11:00pm Bugout

12:00pm PRANO                                                               12:00am Notoriety

01:00pm Mertz                                                                   01:00am Ant Thomas

02:00pm RAYEL                                                                  02:00am Seti Tzu     

03:00pm Lotus Taylor                                                       03:00am BDC

04:00pm Macedo                                                                04:00am Casso

05:00pm REKS                                                                      05:00am Time & Lepp

06:00pm Tashawn Taylor                                                 06:00am Darius Heywood

07:00pm Chronic Tone                                                      07:00am MIKE WING

08:00pm Noel Pancho                                                       08:00am M-Dot

09:00pm Bakari JB                                                           09:00am Tim Nihan

10:00pm Moe Pope                                                           10:00am Cody Pope

Every hour a new artist brought in their own beats and laid their bars, while the engineers went to work mixing and mastering each track. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Photo by: @niklasweikert

Photo by: @niklasweikert

When asked what inspired Uncle Sam, Founder and host of LFOD (Live Free or Die) radio who produced this event, he spoke about growing up as a young boy and seeing a family friend put on a similar event with punk bands and hence the seed was planted.  As the radio host of LFOD;

“I realized that I had so many (local ) artists come through the radio and I try to always figure out ways that we can all grow together... and I thought that this was a good way to showcase a bunch of people and make a lot of noise. I also know that there’s so many people doing dope stuff, it just makes sense to find other people doing dope stuff and doing it with them and then we can all get bigger,” says Uncle Sam.
Photo by: @niklasweikert 

Photo by: @niklasweikert 

Every artist brought their A game, dropping gems and igniting heat left and right. As I sat back, listened and watched, I could feel their hunger and love for their craft but what stood out the most to me was the true sense of community and that according to Uncle Sam was what he was aiming to create.

In today’s social media obsession it’s easy to forget about community and get caught up in the competition but as Booger Money Founder Drea said;

“It’s not about the competition, it’s about collaboration and creation. I never feel like I’m competing with anybody because I deliver. I’m not competing because I know what I can create. We can either collaborate or go separate ways but we might as well work together."
Photo by: @niklasweikert

Photo by: @niklasweikert

I was grateful to have an opportunity to witness such greatness in action and share my perspective with you. No worries if you missed out on the event itself because there will be an album release party on April 6th, 2017, check out more details here.

Also, do your ears a favor and check out these local artists be sure to support them if you feel so moved to do so!

What does community mean to you? If you could have any artists collaborate together on an album or mixtape, who would you choose? Let us know in the comments section below!

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