Your marketing and events execution partner.

You are a talented individual whose personal contributions, quickly and seamlessly, impressed me and many others as well as were instrumental to the success of the Samsung campaigns
— Gary Colen, AMP Agency Founder and CEO

Our business is broken down into three primary services - Events Management, Marketing Campaign Strategy and Partnership Management. We enjoy working with clients ranging in sizes, including the local start up, to your favorite search engine.  What makes us different? We know millennials, after all it's who we are. 

Thank YOU so much! I really appreciated all your help! You were very responsive and prompt and kept me up to date all the way.
— Caitlin I., Marketing Liaison Google Austin

It's no easy task to define your brand, or develop an engaged, loyal audience. 

Our true passion is in finding innovative ways to connect the dots between brands and their communities through memorable experiences and events.